Put Patients Over Profit - Stop Discrimination at Medstar Union Memorial!

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Med$tar recently dropped a beloved and long-time primary care doctor without cause from their insurance plans, immediately terminating half of the patients in his practice and virtually pressuring him to leave. Why? Because he provided the same compassionate, non-discriminatory care to everyone, rich or poor, black, brown or white, young or old, and was aspiring to take the best care of his patients that he could. there were never any complaints against him and his patients frequently brought family and friends to see him.

Med$tar reassigned his Medicare patients to an adult care clinic at Med$tar and reassigned his Medicaid (poor) patients to an outside inner-city clinic. This is blatant discrimination.

As is typical with Med$tar, this was done without warning. To make it worse, Med$tar sent letters to the doctor's patients making it sound like he dropped them instead of Med$tar dropping him.

His patients were not only confused, disappointed and upset, but were also terribly frustrated. They feel violated and that their basic rights to keep their doctor were taken away. They are not going to be silent about this. Patients value the sacred, long-term relationship they have had with their doctor for well over a decade. They refuse to be pawns in Med$tar's ruthless tactics. Please attend this action to support the patients as they demand Med$tar let them see their doctor and keep him in the community.

He is not the only one being treated this way. We need to send Med$tar a strong sign that community hospitals are there to serve the healthcare needs of EVERYONE in the community. They are not profit centers to make a few people wealthy.

This is happening all over Maryland. We cannot let it continue.

Health care is a human right, not a commodity.

May 10, 2018 at 11am - 12:30pm
Medstar Union Memorial Hospital
3333 N Calvert St
Baltimore, MD 21218
United States
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