About Our Campaign

Medstar owns ten hospitals in Maryland, in addition to medical practices, long term care centers and other facilities. Medstar also owns insurance plans for Medicaid and Medicare patients, plus private insurance plans. Throughout Maryland, Medstar is closing essential programs such as obstetrics, pediatrics, primary care and psychiatry without warning and is pushing poor patients to other facilities, while their CEOs earn millions of dollars each year.Ā 

In Maryland, our all-payer system means that Medstar is subsidized by taxpayer money. In spite of this, patients have no choice over administrative decisions to close services that they rely on. Among the facilities targeted for closure are those that primarily serve Medicaid patients, while more profitable operations serving people on private plans are being expanded. In Washington, DC, Medstar was dropped from the district's Medicaid MCO plans in part because it denied 19% of claims for care, almost twice as many as the other Medicaid MCO plans in DC.

This campaign starts with Medstar, and starts in Maryland, but we know that similar practices are widespread throughout different nonprofit medical systems across the country. The aim is to provide communities with the tools they need to fight back - and win.

About us

We are a coalition of doctors, nurses, current and former Medstar staff, patients and their families, and concerned community members who have come together to make ourselves heard. We come from a variety of backgrounds and political perspectives. What we share in common is a commitment to hold Medstar accountable to the needs of the communities it serves, and to prioritize patients over profit. Our website and social media is managed through Healthcare is a Human Right Maryland.


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